Financial Aid/Paying for College


So you have applied to all the schools you want to and you are starting to receive acceptance letters. Now what? The next step is to apply for financial aid. It all starts with the FAFSA, which becomes available October 1st each year. The FAFSA requires several documents that you will need to have on-hand while you are filling it out. These documents are:

Student Information

  • Your Social Security Card or Number
  • Your Driver's License or State ID (not required)
  • Your 2021 W-2 Forms (if any)
  • Your 2021 Federal Income Tax Return 
  • Your 2021 Untaxed Income Records
  • Your Current Bank Statements
  • Student FSA ID username and password

Parent Information

  • Social Security Number(s) and birthday(s)
  • 2021 W-2 Forms
  • 2021 Federal Tax Return
  • 2021 Untaxed Income Records
  • Current Bank Statements
  • Current Business and Investment Records
  • Any other financial documents of your parents from 2021
  • Parent FSA ID username and password

You should file your FAFSA as close to October 1st as possible. The FAFSA requires each student and parent to have an FSA ID. Click here to create yours. Each college or university has its own FAFSA deadline that, if met, will allow you to be eligible to receive the highest level of financial aid. Apply early and possibly get more money!

To file the FAFSA, click here to go to the website to get started.

Make sure you attend your high school's Financial Aid Night. Visit your school counselor's office for dates and times for your school.

Step-by-Step Guide to completing the FAFSA

Financial Aid

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